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Established in 1994, I-Fe Apparel Inc. - P.J.Mark is led by an executive team with over 30 years of experience in the apparel industry.  P.J. Mark distributes its products to over 7,000 retail and chain stores nationwide and many more across the global marketplace.  At P.J. Mark, we strive to produce the very best in urban apparel by creating fashionable designs while setting high standards in quality, comfort and style. 

The reason for P.J. Mark's success is simple:  it remains committed to producing top quality products that our loyal consumers trust and therefore continue to seek.  Recognized on the streets of New York and Los Angeles as well as major cities in Europe and Asia, P.J. Mark continues to advance its presence and products in the global scene, striving to become one of the leading global vendors of urban apparel.  At P.J. Mark, we hope to constantly innovate and reshape the dynamic urban apparel industry. 

We are making our Mark, and we want to help you in making yours.

Make Your Mark.

P.J. Mark

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